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Fine Sushi Bar Japanese Cuisine

Located at 1396 S.W. 160 Avenue, Bay #4, Weston, FL 33326, our restaurant offers a wide array of Japanese dishes, such as Dancing Eel Roll, Seafood & Vegetable Tempura, Salmon Teriyaki, Sushi & Sashimi Combo, Age Tofu.

You can dine in or online order your favorite Japanese food for take out.



T W.

My family and I love going here! The staff are super friendly and quick and the food is awesome. Michelle is super nice and has memorized my order. We always joke about it when we go. She even adds soup to my container when I get the Udon Miso if I don't have a lot left since I usually take it home.I always get the Udon Miso, the Sweet Potato Tempura, and the Salmon Yuki, which are all very delicious. The rest of my family gets a bigger variety of food, and they all thoroughly enjoy it.It's a quiet little environment and it's a little small, but it makes it comforting and very home-feeling.Despite what some people are saying, I haven't ever gotten food poisoning, and with how it's being taken care of, I don't ever expect to. I plan on coming back here for as long as it's open :).


Roy S.

Very friendly staff, very clean establishment, great service, very fresh sushi. Has a very good variety.


Tamara C.

I am updating my review after trying it again... It has been a couple years. It doesn't have the same feeling as when the previous owners owned it, but the recipes are the same.


Patty R.

Very friendly staff, and they remember you and make nice recommendations based on your past preferences.  The stir fry vegetable appetizer was wonderful, as was the eel roll.  Perfect with a few pieces of salmon sushi for two persons. Ooops, almost forgot!  The seaweed salad is always wonderful, tasty and refreshing. Reasonable pricing, too.


Amariss W.

Menu is "a few years old" according to the woman who handled my to go order. When i asked why those prices were there, she said well we don't handle that. Not complaining about prices, more the principle of accuracy and customer service


Sabrina R.

This is my favorite sushi place!!! The service is excellent & the food is superb. I have no complaints. Everything is made fresh. I go here at least once a week with my friend and we just love it!


Jaymi L.

I have been coming here since the very first owner Peter, I have been coming for over 12+ years! now with these new owners in the place and also a buffet now it is even better!! same delicious food quality! very very good priced buffet for all you can eat.   Sit down look at the menu , order 2 this , 3 that , its delicious ! i will always recommend !!!!!


Vanessa L.

Just recently found this place and omg!! It is so delicious! Both their lunch and dinner all you can eat option is AMAZING!!! perfect for date nights! Or even just a bite with a friend!


Tairyn A.

Came to Sushi Tom after the movies. It is in the same plaza as the theater we went to.  There wasn't any other patrons when we came in, we were seated and attended to right away. We were a party of five and it is noteworthy to say they had no trouble separating our checks. Their menu is extensive, lots of sushi rolls to choose from. I wound up having a French roll and a udon miso soup, the soup was great! The roll consisted of shrimp, avocado, a few other things, but the thing that made me want to try it was that it came wrapped in a thin egg crepe like layer. Not quite tamago, it was thinned, pretty cool, never seen that before. The egg though, sort of unravels when you pick up a piece, making it a little hard to eat, but it was really good. No other costumers came in the whole two hours we were there. It was a really slow night. The place is small, service was a little lacking. Our waitress never came to check on us. We had to call her a couple  times to get extra things like sugar, forks, boxes etc. I would come back  though, everything tasted very good.


Alejandra K.

I never ever write reviews, but this place is just bad.  Their food is nothing special and their katsudon literally taste like it has sugar in it. Look this is one of my favorite plates and I'm not too picky with it. But I had to push my plate away. The service also is bad, we asked about the fact that it was sweet and they just nodded and said if I wanted a box. Ridiculous. Don't come here. Marumi has katsudon and much better food and the place isn't too far, I'd rather drive than eat here. Such a disappointment!


Steve C.

Ducked in for some apres-networking sushi and it was a fine time, here's why: * Excellent service* Empty restaurant, we had the place to ourselvesFairly priced. Fresh and tasty. Good stuff. Cabeza OUT!


Shanny L.

LISTEN BEFORE YOU GO TO HORRIBLY OVER PRICED SUSHI IN SUNRISE. Listen to this.The worst attention, worst food, and worst service I have ever received in all the restaurants I have ever been to. They basically just threw the food at our table and took our order in 2 seconds without even saying "hello". I suggest NOT to come here if you want to eat feeling rushed or disgusted. Oh! And let's not forget HALF of the items in the menu, they did not have. Horrible. No stars (if I could)


Jena L.

Great place!!! Unlike a all you can eat restaurant where the food is left out- Sushi Tom makes your food to order and they never disappoint! Great portions for the price! Service was great and very attentive! We will definitely be back!!


Eman V.

This place is disgusting.  My husband and I went and he got severely poisoned, we went back and the same thing happened to me.  Beware, they are not clean, the food is POISONOUS!!! Stay away from this sinkhole.  HORRID!!!!!!!!


Desi L.

I've been eating here since I was 13 years old. I've never had an issue with their sushi. I always order the JB roll, salmon sashimi and salmon sushi.


Iveta D.

I read the bad reviews and should have known better, but it's close to where I live so I decided to try them anyway. It's expensive and don't mind paying extra for good food, but everything I ordered was just disgusting. Sushi was super fishy, noodles were soggy and you could tell they fried their rice on old and unclean stove tops. I feel so dirty after "attempting" to eat their food. I will NEVER, NEVER try them again.


C S.

Poor presentation of the food. Volcano roll looked like someone chewed up the topping and spit it out on top of the roll. The soft shell crab roll taste good but looked terrible. Also had teriyaki chicken, tasted like baby food and was not prepared fresh. It was pre-grilled Sam's Club chicken cutlets completely drowned in cheap teriyaki sauce. No flavor at all. Also had JB and Spicy Tuna Rolls, both were good. Side salads were fresh.Inside looks more like a takeout place. Pretty much deserted at 7:00 PM. Should have known better. Stayed because of the typical South Florida "good Yelp reviews" from people with bad taste in food. If you like the food here please give McDonalds a 5 Star good review.Not going back.


Ed C.

Sushi Tom has below average sushi and horrible service.  They provide an all you can eat menu which appears decent.  You can not ask for anything additional than the way the rolls come.  Want cream cheese added, Nope.  Want Masago added, Nope.  Ordered Steak and it tasted like shoe leather.  If you don't like how something tastes they "try" to charge you extra.  Worst sushi experience of my life.  Hope they close down and someone builds a real sushi restaurant in its place.


Adriana S.

We used to come years ago here and was always good. We moved away from the area so we hadn't come in a while. We came back today and it is still as good as used to be. Not sure why the ratings have gone down,  we're glad to see that all the food is as yummy as we remember along with the service !


Michelle M.

Great fresh sushi ! it was delicious and i enjoy coming here ! great lunch speacial menu !

About Sushi Tom and reviewsAbout Sushi Tom and reviewsAbout Sushi Tom and reviews
About Sushi Tom and reviews