Breakfast deluxe: Bread pudding from the oven with warm vanilla sauce

Yes, Easter. The annual spring beginning. Outdoor family party, walking barefoot for the first time, conjuring up fresh, light dishes from spring vegetables ...
Yes, that was Easter 2012. Or even in 2011 ...
Easter 2013 also had such a family party, but it was snowing and I lay 150km away sniffling and snuffling in my bed.
Hello cold number 2 2013! After carnival cold so now Easter cold. Of course, always suitable for weekends and holidays.

No Easter delicacies for me, no hard-boiled eggs. I love hard-boiled eggs like that! Without further ado, I then hard-boiled 6 vile brown organic eggs. But the true Easter mood did not come up.
The only consolation on these otherwise so dreary holidays was a sensational meal of food next to the viewing of at least 3 series!
The remains of the Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, which were banished for the girls meeting on Good Friday, landed slightly dry in my easter sunday breakfast. And that was just great.
3 of the delicious Schokobrötchen remained and stood still lonely and left on my photo set for the last blog post around. Until I found them again on Sunday morning and gave them a second chance.

At first I had thought of French toast, but the bun does not quite fit. And they were already a bit too dried.
So in the favorite source Foodgawker searched for "bread pudding" and quickly found out that this is not rocket science at all. What's inside is always the same, so it works without a prescription too.
So that's why I quickly put together something very delicious.
And while the bread pudding was in the oven, there was still some time left for a quick, very delicious meal To make vanilla sauce!

 Recipe for the perfect Sunday breakfast: bread pudding from the oven with warm vanilla sauce Bread pudding from the oven with warm vanilla sauce

for about 4 servings

For the bread pudding
About 300 g stale yeast pastries, such as chocolate rolls, brioche, Hefezopf, Einback o.ä.
(for me it was said the Chocolate Hot Cross Buns)
3 eggs
50-75 g sugar to taste (I took only 50 g, but it can also be a little sweeter)
200 ml of whipped cream
about 150 ml of milk
optional: some ground cinnamon
soft butter for the shape

Cut the yeast pastry with a bread knife into about 2 cm cubes and set aside.
The eggs with the sugar in a large mixing bowl with the hand mixer or in the food processor a few minutes thick foamy hit. Add the cream and milk and mix well.
Put the bread cubes in the bowl and mix well until all bread cubes are covered in the mixture.
A sufficiently large baking pan for the pudding mixture (for me it was a glass mold with about 20 x 30 cm in size) with soft butter.
Pour the whole well-stirred bowl contents into the mold and press evenly.
Cover the baking tin well with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for at least one hour to allow the bread pieces In other recipes it is also recommended to do the whole thing the night before and leave it overnight in the fridge.Possibly. It also takes 30 minutes for the pudding to finish. There should be no more muddy or liquid spots. If the surface tans too quickly, just put some aluminum foil over the mold after 15-20 minutes.
Then serve the custard with the vanilla sauce while still warm.

For the vanilla sauce:
400 ml of milk
20 g of cornstarch
40 g of sugar
pith of 1 scraped off vanilla pod and 2 fresh organic egg yolks

While the bread pudding is in the oven, can to make wonderful the fresh vanilla sauce.
To do this, put the milk in a saucepan. Remove about 5 tablespoons of the cold milk and stir in a small bowl of sugar and cornstarch.
Boil the rest of the milk in the pot, then add the cornstarch mixture and stir well with a whisk until the mixture thickens slightly and bubbling bubbly .
Then switch back the temperature immediately. It is best to work with a thermometer, the temperature in the pot should not go above 80 ° C and the sauce no longer simmer or cook.
Add vanilla and egg yolk to the pot and stir in with stirring for about 5 minutes until the sauce continues thickens. If the temperature is too hot, the egg will clot. Therefore, just stir at medium temperature.
Serve the sauce still warm to the bread pudding.

Recipe for the perfect Sunday breakfast: oven-baked bread pudding with warm vanilla sauce