Easter 2011 culinary

Easter is a big family reunion for us every year and an occasion for many goodies.
MY day, so to speak. And so I started again this year:
Of course, one must never miss is "bb" "Klaus", our Hefezopf, which I bake for years and that should not be missing in any family brunch.
For this I stand in the kitchen in the evening, prepare the yeast dough, leave it in the fridge overnight and get up early in the morning, to bake the braid (we have 1.5 hours drive to my family, so I mean really early).
I have posted the recipe here before.

Also, of course, a freshly baked Easter lamb is always suitable.
My favorite is always the "Black sheep among the easter lambs" - I set the recipe 4 years ago in the chef, but in the meantime I have simplified the recipe.
 freshly baked Easter lamb
This year, the lamb was called " Flecki ". I had too much coconut fat in the couverture and no time left for cold spots. That's why it suffered a bit during transport ...
For a standard Easter lamb shape (0.7 l):
Mix 100 g of soft butter with 100 g of sugar until frothy. Stir in 2 eggs one at a time and beat everything to a light cream. Mix 150 g of flour with 1 Tl of baking powder and mix in briefly. Finally, stir in 70-100g of Nutella , either just for a marble effect, or more thoroughly for a chocolate sauce.
I'm into marble decided. Unfortunately, I unfortunately forgot Flecki in the oven last night. The lamb should actually be extremely juicy and loose, but it was unfortunately dry for me ...
Normally, about 40 minutes of baking time at 175 ° C top and bottom heat or 150 ° C Recirculation
Bleed of the marbled Easter lamb
Cupcakes may of course not be missing at Easter and so there were tasty rübli cupcakes .
freshly baked rübli -Cupcakes for Easter
The recipe for this comes from my booklet, but I've tripled the amount of frosting to make a really big swirl - was but a bit too much. The double amount is also sufficient for large spouts. Is not every fan of the sour cream cheese frosting. I always take Phildadelphia and just love the combination with cream cheese and carrot cake.
=  fresh baked rübli cupcakes
Wild garlic is still a big issue.Get into the glass, some olive oil over it, done.
 delicious homemade wild garlic pesto
For the wild garlic pesto snails this morning I have a rectangular one Unrolled puff pastry from the chiller , 2 large tablespoons of the pesto on it, rolled up the dough from a short side and then sliced ​​into 20 pieces and placed on the tray as a slug. 15 minutes at 180 ° C top and bottom heat or 160 ° C convection in the oven - ready!
The car has smelted extremely well throughout the ride.
And 20 snails are clearly too few for 18 people who were ratzfatz away - next time I have to do double the amount directly.
 freshly baked pesto snails for Easter brunch
As another hearty buffet filler there was once again a delicious tomato tart .
I've blogged the recipe here.
freshly baked quiche with tomato, feta and puff pastry
Modification this time: The B oden I used Dijon mustard (even better!) and 7 tomatoes used (also better!). At the end I added a little olive oil over everything and spread 1 crushed garlic clove over the feta cheese. Great!
And last but not least, there was dessert, of course.
For me this was this time Panna Cotta ​​b>. I love Panna Cotta!
I've prepared 16 individual servings in small jars that hold about 120-150 ml.
 a serving of homemade panna cotta with raspberry puree
For the Panna Cotta ​​u> I put 1.5 l of cream into a large saucepan (which is the size for cream ...), 150 g of sugar to it, 3 vanilla pods scraped and the rods added and brought to a boil. Simmer gently for 15 minutes at low temperature, stirring constantly.
Allow to cool briefly and then 3 sachets of Gelatin-fix (for each 500 ml Stir in liquid) quickly and vigorously. Leaf gelatin etc., of course, is synonymous. Then fill in the jars and chill overnight.
For the raspberry puree I thawed 150 g of frozen raspberries Sauté the juice and purée the raspberries with some powdered sugar . Peel through a strainer and sprinkle from the coreless raspberry puree in each jar.
Made super fast and delicious!
Easter So culinary was again a direct hit. And this was just my contribution to the family brunch, so you can imagine the feast, if you add a Linzer Torte, a carrot cake with mascarpone, deviled eggs, guacamole, meatballs, lots of bread, coleslaw, tuna salad, fruit salad etc. etc. Allen
Continue to give readers Happy Easter and another sunny and free day!