moey is back (s)! With delicious fondant au chocolat in your luggage!

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. To be exact 4 weeks. 1 month! A damn long time without internet, as a human in the modern world (and especially as a blogger). If I had been traveling through South America with a backpack for 4 weeks - no question. Or would I have lived as a participant in a reality series 1 month as in the Middle Ages - okay. But just 1 month without internet? That's already steep. But well, that time is over.

I did not use it for meditating or reading lofty literature. Instead, I unpacked boxes, built cabinets and finally finally started cooking and baking again. That's what I missed a lot more than the internet.
Unfortunately, my kitchen is not finished yet. It still lacks the new matching worktops and then the odds and ends such as wall and socket end strips. At least I can use my kitchen but completely again.

And so I was not quite idle lately.

And have, inter alia, a long time Recipe for the perfect Fondant au chocolat filed. He should be fluffy on the tongue. Soft and chocolaty, but not too sweet. Fresh from the oven still slightly liquid and creamy, the next day from the fridge then like a truffle praline.
Helped me my latest achievement:
Butter and chocolate are melted in the simmer pot
An Simmertopf!
I did not know honestly at all before. But as a city girl you suddenly find things to do ... I'm not a fan of water baths where chocolate melts. This is somehow too time-consuming, usually the water boils up and splashes into the bowl. With the microwave, when it comes to melting chocolate, I'm at war, having gotten out a stinking burnt pile of chocolate (or what was left of it after the evil microwaves overcooked all the liquid). My variant was previously a small pot on the stove, where I could directly melt the chocolate at low temperature. However, that always led to small accidents, especially with white chocolate ...
Since the Simmertopf lives with me is melt in terms of chocolate but everything great. Nothing burns, nothing cooks over, how could I do it without Simmertopf before?
It's really handy and I'll keep experimenting with it, also with sauces, milk rice etc.
I made the following recipe completely in the simmer pot and did not need another jar for it.The cake should be still soft and creamy inside.
Either serve hot immediately or let cool completely, then put in cling film and put in the fridge overnight.
Tastes delicious with fresh berries and creamy vanilla ice cream!