The girls' kitchen cooks together # 3: Cucumber salad - here: cucumber and spelled salad with cottage cheese

Sodele, here we are again on the subject of cucumbers. The common meal of the girls' kitchen is on the table today and we are all dedicated to the subject of CUCUMBER SALAD in their very own way. The links to the other ideas can be found at the end of my article and we hope that as many readers as possible feel invited to submit their favorite cucumber recipes to us. Because from now on you are part of the party! You will find all the information on this occasion with the lovely Simone von LeckerBox!

Cucumber salad, this is such a classic. At home, we always got it with a sour cream sauce with mayo, balsamic and dried dill spikes. So I like to eat it today. Asian cucumber salad with a sesame and soy sauce dressing always works. Or another classic: cucumber and potato salad. Tasty!

The girls' kitchen cooks together # 3: Cucumber salad - here: cucumber and spelled salad with cottage cheese

But I wanted to try something new and free the cucumber salad from its drab side-by-side existence and make it a real main course. That's why spelled comes in next to the cucumbers as the main ingredient! Vorgegarten spelled is now available to buy as well as tender wheat in grain form - also in organic quality! It is cooked quickly and tastes deliciously nutty and makes you full. I have already weggenascht him before taking pictures in large parts. The salad is cold, so you can prepare the spelled, which you can of course also swap against the tender wheat, and let cool.

Instead of normal, often very watery cucumbers I use here mini cucumbers. They are less watery and have the perfect bite size for a salad.
Another fresh component brings the cottage cheese into play: It offers just the right, slightly sour contrast and completes the flavors perfectly. Some lemon and parsley give the final whistle.
The salad comes out with very little ingredients, is made quickly and tastes super delicious - the perfect lunch for the office!

The girls' kitchen cooks together # 3: Cucumber salad - here: cucumber and spelled salad with cottage cheese

Cucumber Spelled Salad with Cottage Cheese

for 2 servings


1 cup pre-cooked spelled (spelled or spelled like rice) or even tender wheat
3-4 small mini cucumbers or cucumbers
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 bunch of smooth parsley, finely chopped
4 tablespoons olive oil
fine sea salt, freshly ground black pepper
100 g of cottage cheese to serve


Cook the spelled or tender wheat bite-proof and not too soft according to the package instructions. It is best to cook it in mild heat in double the amount of water with a little salt for 12-14 minutes. Drain and drain well. Shake again and again, so that the grains loosen up and do not stick together. Allow to cool.

Thoroughly clean the cucumbers, cut off the ends and slice the cucumbers.

Mix the lemon juice, chopped parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper with a dressing.

Mix the spelled grains and cucumbers in a bowl with the dressing thoroughly and let them soak for at least half an hour, then stir well again and season if necessary. So the salad keeps well in the fridge overnight and can be served for lunch the next day.

Spread the cucumber spelled salad on two plates and sprinkle with the cottage cheese.