{vegan & low carb} Chia pudding with almond and coconut. I did not see how tasty the stuff is!

"D reisenhneurofzigzig." My left eyelid twitches reluctantly as I slide my debit card over the counter. It beeps, it rattles, I sign and the box of chia seeds is mine. "Have fun with it!" I wish the equally friendly and natural Reformhaus employees. I take a hard look at the tiny, gray granules in the transparent can: "Well, you daresis, you have to make some real effort now - do not youy do not taste it. Thirteen and fifty, oh man. "The tiny seeds rustle reassuringly in their pack, and I think if all else fails, we can still give the can to the child as a rhythm instrument to school. They're all supposed to bring along any kind of containers with music or treasure trove fillings.

Chia Seeds - So I am. Chia seeds are indeed the new hotte star in the nutritional sky. They contain hardly any carbohydrates, but lots of fiber, protein and vitamins. In North America, they have been part of the nutritional plan since time immemorial and are mainly used to thicken and prepare as a porridge. After aloe vera and goji berries, the seeds are now also trendy here. I resisted for a long time, stubbornly ignored shop window designs, special displays with canned pyramids and meals during lunch breaks. Everyone is completely crazy about these little things - then I somehow no longer feel like it. I'm so fed up with hearing/seeing.

The fact that I've got such a can here is due to Nic of Luzia Pimpinella. She told me that she has recently made a chia pudding for breakfast and that it was really delicious (if common planes are late, you just tell the strangest things). I became weak. I wanted that, too. I bought.

Now I stand here in my kitchen and stir a few tablespoons of mini-seeds into the self-shredded almond milk in Vitamix. Whether this can really become a pudding? I am sceptical. Especially because the consistency of the whole is described as something glibberig and kaviarähnlich. Huaaahh! The small granules absorb almost immediately after stirring the liquid and seem to explode. Okay - the chia pudding should be left in the fridge overnight and then ready to eat and delicious in the morning. Good night, pudding!

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The next morning I run to the fridge. From the granule into liquid has become a creamy mass. The granules can still be recognized, but they are very soft and smooth - with a small, crackling core. Not the original vanilla-pudding consistency, but still really exciting and delicious. Especially the small crackle-crunchy effect is great (like the effervescent powder on my tongue).

The taste is quite neutral. Therefore you should definitely add plenty of vanilla, almonds or cinnamon and a sweetener of your choice in the pudding. I shredded some coconut in the homemade almond milk and added vanilla. A few TK berries that were allowed to bob in the freezer on top - ready. And really delicious.Vitamix owners do not need to filter the resulting milk afterwards. In conventional household mixers you can still pass the milk through a filter bag to remove solids. (But I think it does not matter at all if almond pieces are in the pudding).

Stir 4 tablespoons chia seeds into the almond coconut milk and add to ground vanilla and 1 tiny pinch of salt stir. Sweeteners include agave syrup, honey, maple syrup, sugar, xylitol, birch bark sugar or stevia-based products, whichever you prefer for your diet.

Whole for at least 4 hours or over Put the fridge in the night Then stir again carefully and devour neatly or with fruit.

Tip: Organic quality chia seeds can be used, for example. order here (affiliate link).

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